Coastal Calm

      Hi there mermaids 🐚 I am by no means a beauty blogger, and this is not a sponsored post....I actually go to All About Skin by Caron and spend my hard earned money on her products...but I do have people ask me all the time what I do to look so “young”.....I am, after all, a 32 year old love aboard who spends A LOT of time in the Sun ☀️    
       Last Winter, I started seeing Caron for facials (after Curly Bird had been telling me to go see her for a while) and I just fell in love with the whole experience. And then....when Caron announced that she was creating her own skin care line (based on living in a Coastal Area) I was super intrigued! I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup or hair products (don’t get me wrong, I use really nice, Eco friendly, natural products) but I use such a small amount it lasts me for a LONG time. Butttttt I will spend whatever it takes on a good skin care regimen. One thing I learned after having a child at 23 is how important skin care and diet are for your over all appearance....and now that I’m 32 I know what works for me. I bought myself the Sound Skin products for my birthday back in June and I am LOVING the on a boat I spend a lot of time outside and a system designed specifically for that purpose (especially the Coastal Calm mask when I’ve had too much sun) is just what my skin has been craving. 
         Like I said, this isn’t a sponsored post but I do know a lot of younger girls who ask me about my here it is: skin care.....DRINK LOTS OF conscious of the food and drink you put in your body (it’s either feeding cancer or fighting it ❤️) meditate, practice yoga for your mind, body and spirit....and do WHATEVER makes your heart happy 🌊🐚🛥