Fire Island Sarong

       Hi there mermaids, sorry for the delay, I’ve had a lot of you asking how I tied the Fire Island Sarong into a mini skirt so here it is. Here at Lotus y la Luna sustainability is a huge factor in the pieces I order, so taking an item and being able to wear it multiple ways is imperative....especially when you live on a boat and space is limited 😜. The Fire Island Sarong is available in the cobalt blue that I have on in the photos and red AND they are hand made in Thailand with so much love. Another cool thing is they use the leftover fabric to Be the Change Scarf Scrunchies and headbands so no fabric goes to wast, how’s that for keeping millions of pounds of fabric out of landfills?!!! I took the scarf part off and tied it on my bikini top for a little extra. 
      You can use the sarong as a kimono or a blanket so kay on but if you want to tie it into a mini just food it in half length wise, wrap it around as shown below, pull one end to the left or right (which side you want to tie it on), tie it up and then fold over any leftover fabric. The more you practice the easier it gets. Hope this helps, you can shop the sarong and scrunchies in the buy button at the bottom of this post!