Giving Back

        The last few years of owning this shop have taught me so many’s also shown me the amount of support behind me was far broader than I imagined and EVERY SINGLE TIME someone makes a purchase I am honored that they would chose to spend their hard earned money with me.

       A few days ago I found the original business idea for Lotus from December 2015... it was actually going to be a wellness center with a retail space up front and all kinds of holistic healing modalities in the back....I really just wanted a space where like minded women could unite....but money and all kinds of logistics prevented that center from happening. However, in December of 2016 with the encouragement of my boyfriend Preston, who literally helps me to this day setting up pop ups....I started Lotus y la Luna online.....and now here I am in December of 2019....finally feeling like Lotus make actually make it. 
    In the original business plan from 2015 one of the main goals was to be able to give back to my community....and although I donate proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation to help protect the environment of my community, this December I’d like to give back to the members of this amazing community. I don’t have money at the moment to donate (I gave everything the store could afford this past Giving Tuesday) but I’d like to surprise deserving women with little items from the shop as a way of paying it back. 
   Sooooo please help me in giving back by telling me any women you feel deserve a little something extra this holiday season...I’ll be giving away an item every day until January 1st starting at tonight’s Pop Up Shop with the earrings in the photo above. You can email me at, send me a DM on instagram, message me on Facebook or just tell me In person if you see me...thank you I’m advance.....and thank you as always for your support 🙏🏻💛🌎🌊