Pre-Fall But Make it Sustainable

     Hello mermaids, you might be asking what exactly is “Pre-Fall?”......well, in the fashion industry there’s all kinds of seasons.....people are getting tired of Summer styles so it’s time to roll out some new styles in anticipation of Fall....and makes sense to want to see new styles. In the world of sustainability though it’s important to keep those new (and vintage and second hand pieces) cohesive so that pieces from every season can be worn together! Eco friendly transition pieces you say 🧐 yes in the Lotus y la Luna 2020 Pre-Fall line up you’ll find neutral jumpsuits and maxi dresses that can be worn now AND with a sleek leather jacket in the colder’ll also find satin slip skirts and fans favorite bodysuits in new color ways. I can’t forget to mention fringe kimonos to be worn with cut offs and crop tops now and skinny jeans with boots.....or organic cotton tees to get you through EVERY season. So yea....Pre-Fall, but make it sustainable 🌿