Self Worth in a Social Media World

Bohemian Shorts

Supernova Shorts $25.00 // Almost Bare Flatforms $40.00 

       Wikipedia defines graffiti as "writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually as a form of artistic expression, WITHOUT PERMISSION and within public view." This definition really stuck with me as a metaphor for our outward appearance in this crazy social media world we live in now. The fact that graffiti artists (rarely) if ever get "permission' to express themselves made me look at it in a whole different way...

       Having to use social media to futher a business these days is non negotiable and I struggle with it on a daily basis; don't get me wrong I am grateful for this free platform to reach new customers (and I'm learning to really appreciate the small business and creative community on there) but sometimes it all feels so trite, overused and just plain fake. I've always thought as my outward appearance as my "artistic expression"; the way I dress, the specific jewelry I wear and the way I present myself to the world isn't just to gain attention from people. I mean, if someone does notice an outfit or pay me a compliment that's great..but I don't ask PERMISSION to show who I am in an outward expression. I say all of this because sometimes it feels as if when I put something on social media I'm almost asking permission through seeking outward validation....and when said content doesn't get noticed or get the response I'm looking for I start questioning whether it's "good enough".....

          This conundrum, espeically for small business owners ( and I would go as far as saying for women in general) has got me wanting to ground into my own self worth on a deeper level. My creativity in my business and on a personal level need to be based on whether I value my OWN work...authenticity speaks louder than selling out to get more "likes" on that's my challenge to you (and more to myself) what you want to do (whether it be making a change to your appearance or creating that content you've been afraid to) WITHOUT PERMISSION and see where it takes you....

Bohemian Bag

Sacred Geometry Bag $35.00

Crop Top Flatforms

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Seaglass Necklace

Seaglass by Cayla Necklace $30.00 // Alignment Crop Top $30.00 

Crop Top & High Wasited Shorts

Morning Glow Crop Top $25.00 // Supernova Shorts $25.00


Model: Alexsandra Wahnon

Photographer: Amanda Pennino

Stylist: Brooke Kittrell