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   Hi there I’m talking about service....the service industry versus being of service to others. Having worked in the service industry for 17 years....and currently working retail and a restaurant job....some thoughts have arisen over the last few months of this “pandemic”. Although I’m not perfect and I’m sure I’ve gotten on severe nerves (although I try everything in my power not to) seems like people out in public right now vacationing and dining have forgotten that they should be grateful restaurants and shops are even open to the public with all of the restrictions we are under and the state of the WORLD right now.

    The service industry in itself is difficult.....and if you have spoken to anyone is a tourist town this summer that has actually been open, they will probably say the same thing....they are tired, overworked and under appreciated. I’m just here to remind people to be everyone.....especially people taking care of you....also, if you about being of service to SOMEONE ELSE......the world needs more people asking what they can do for others instead of asking what can be done for them. So yea, be kind to everyone....especially people in the service industry and also ask how YOU can be of service to others 💚🙏🏻✨🌿Eco friendly sustainable fashion Eco friendly sustainable fashion Eco friendly sustainable fashion Eco friendly sustainable fashion