Shift It

    Raise your hand if you’ve been feeling all cosmic shifts happening in the universe right now 👋 pair that with some crazy weather patterns and a global pandemic and I feel as if the whole world is going loopy.

    On top of all of that...our sweet little coastal community opened up to the outside world last week and it feels like the flood gates have been swung wide open. I went from to having to see anyone and doing all of my work from home to being open to the public on the Morehead City Waterfront, working my restaurant job AND dealing with our AirBnB tenants and I’m going to be honest....I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. 
    Dealing with all of these changes in such a short amount of time had really thrown me for a loop....but if there’s anything I’ve learned over the last several years is that YOU have the power to shift your perspective and therefore your reality. So this morning before I go into the shop I’ve been sitting outside soaking up the little bits of sunlight shinning down here in Beaufort and setting intentions to shift my thoughts. Instead of being “overwhelmed” I’m “excited” to be able to be open and instead of being “exhausted” I’m “grateful” for 3 jobs that support myself and my family. So if you too are feeling a bit out of sorts right now....SHIFT IT💗🌸