🌻If you are a human alive on this planet right are feeling the radical shifts of this time. Some people feel this energy more than others....some people actually feel the energy of their surroundings....even the energy of the entire planet....pretty heavy right? 
      A gentle reminder to those trying to sort out of these like the sunflower....they actually position themselves towards the about chasing the fact: 

🌻Some flowers are heliotropic, in which they actually follow the movement of the sun as it rises in the East and sets in the West. However, scientific studies have found that only the buds and the leaves of sunflowers are heliotropic. The leaves are phototropic too, which means that they tend to grow towards the light source. Once the sunflowers have bloomed, they are no longer heliotropic, but remain fixated towards the East, where the sun rises.

      So yes, these little beauties actually remain fixated on the East towards the sun. Whether you are facing problems in your own life....or feeling the weight of the world’s problems....or BOTH....remember to face the light...while also working through the dark 🌻