Ten Eighteen Uganda


“Meals to poverty-stricken children.

Vocational, health and financial training for vulnerable young women.

Support for under-served schools.

Food for body, mind, and spirit.

Ten Eighteen has been working with local NGOs in Uganda since January, 2009. Their team has made a combined 29 visits, solidifying relationships and building programs. They have impacted the lives of thousands of women and children with programs like women’s cooperatives, their work with Hospice Jinja and Tororo, sponsoring children all the way through university or vocational school, and building a primary school for Arise Africa International’s Bukaleba project.

In this, their 11th year, they are refocusing and narrowing their efforts, desiring deeper connection and impact on those they are serving.”

....y’all, these are crazy times....and I’m not going to come on here and preach or tell you what to do because I feel like we are already having that shoved in our faces on daily basis...but I will tell you how I am following my heart to make the world a better place. If you didn’t already know, Lotus y la Luna already donates the Surfrider Foundation to help keep our beaches and oceans 🌊 clean....but I also for the last few months have been donating to Ten Eighteen Uganda...you can find out more about the good they are doing here.

     After Jennings, the beautiful, bad ass soul who I happened to know personally, told me about her foundation....I fell in love with the whole concept...and my heart actually ached thinking about people who don’t have access to food right now....not because they are lazy or unwilling to work....but because of forces outside of their control...and I knew if there was ANYTHING I could do to help I wanted to. So with part of the proceeds from this shop I’ve been making small donations to Ten Eighteen....and now, I’m excited to show you these beautiful handmade hoops and this crossbody bag (to begin with, there are more pieces I will be adding to the site) that I will donate 100% of the proceeds to the foundation. These pieces were actually hand made in Uganda by the women Jennings and Ten Eighteen are helping. 

     If you actually took the time to read this post thank you, even that means the world, you can tap the buy buttons below to shop everything in this post, you can also find all of these pieces at my current location in the loft at Lorelei’s Attic on the Morehead City waterfront across from Jack’s.

Infinite love & gratitude,

Brooke 💚🙏🏻🌎