Travel Diary- Richmond Virginia

Onyx Crop Top $25.00 // Lavendar Sundae Skirt $40.00 // Pele Slides $40.00

       Is there anything more exciting than an unexpected road trip? Ok yes, a flight to an exotic location is always awesome but there's something to be said about breaking up the monotony of a normal work week to drive to a new place you've never been to before.

       When I don't have time to plan out oufits for a trip (which yes, I'm a super big nerd and I like to plan outfits) my go-to pieces are neutral tops that can be worn with all the bottoms I bring; comfy pants that can be worn in the monring doing yoga and then dressed up for a night on the town; neutral mini skirts (to go with all the neutral crop tops) and ALWAYS a maxi skirt, no matter what season it is. I normally toss in at least one bikini, one pair of comfy shoes likes Birkenstocks and then as many "stylish" shoes as my bag will fit.  

        I know some of you are saying "Well that's great Brooke, but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon..." that may be the case....but wouldn't it be fun to plan outfits like you had a trip in mind. Where would you go if you could take a weekend trip? What would you bring with you to wear? Thennnn take it a step further....where would you go if you could take a trip ANYWHERE in the world RIGHT NOW? What would you bring on that trip? What would you do while you were there? 

        When you imagine yourself wearing exact outfits in the places you dream of seeing, it sends a sign to the universe that you can already picture yourself there....and the Law of Attraction is a powerful thing my friends. So go ahead, picture yourself in a flirty maxi skirt sipping Tequila Sunrises in might just end up there!

Madrone Wrap Top $30.00 // Madre Mini Skirt $40.00

Summer Daze Halter Top $25.00 // Meadow Maxi Skirt $40.00

Alignment Crop Top $30.00 // Seaside Flares $30.00

Alignment Crop Top $30.00 // Ritual Skirt $30.00 // Almost Bare Flatforms $40.00

Madrone Wrap Top $30.00 // Madre Mini Skirt $40.00 // New Light Espadrilles $40.00

Summer Daze Halter Top $25.00 // Meadow Maxi Skirt $40.00 // Pele Slides $40.00

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